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Thursday, April 11th, 2013 | Essential Expert

Introducing Angelica Benjamin, co-founder of Digitally Chic, a fashion and technology networking group based out of San Francisco, California.

Angelica Benjamin of Digitally Chic

Stiletto Escape: Tell me a little about Digitally Chic!

Angelica Benjamin: Digitally Chic is a networking community for fashion, technology and creative professionals in the San Francisco-Bay Area. Our members, dominantly female, are a passionate group of driven individuals who love to share information about what’s upcoming in their respective industries, bounce new project ideas off each other and are always willing to support each others goals, giveaways and events! We are an amazing combination of fashion bloggers, web designers, clothing founders, startup founders, app developers and many more. Our “DCers” have given us so much support and commitment these past 2 years, we continue to grow and adapt to create the best experience for our community, online and off.

Benny Gold, Hearty Magazine

SE: You’re on the pulse of the fashion scene in San Francisco, who is your favorite local designer?

AB: I’m a huge fan of Benny Gold. Obviously not your typical answer, but I’m definitely not your typical lady. Benny is a local independent graphic designer specializing in logo design and apparel graphics of menswear. He is extremely creative and on trend with his designs and collaborations, creates amazing and stylish staple pieces that any man would love and with all his international success he still manages to stay humble and thankful. He reminds me to always stay true to my inner self and my progress and to “Stay Gold”. He creates classic SF staples that our men can rock all around town. It’s fun to get caught up in women’s fashion, but I have to say, my heart melts when I see a well-dressed man – we can thank Benny Gold for that! (SE: We couldn’t agree more!!!)

SE: Digitally Chic holds monthly meet-ups connecting women interested in technology and fashion, when is your next meet-up?

AB: We hold a monthly meet-up every 3rd Thursday of the month at different venues in SF. These meet-ups are a great way to give our members the opportunity to connect in person, network, build relationships and grab a cocktail – all in a casual, relaxed setting.

SE: What is your favorite memory of a “girlfriend getaway” you have?

AB: I love going to Maine in the summer to visit my best friend and college roommate, Toby. She has a huge lake in her backyard and we grab the kayaks and paddle until we are right in the middle of the lake and talk for hours. It’s definitely the best medicine when I need to get away from the grind of city life. Maine is such a beautiful and different state from California- I live for the contrast! Plus, have you ever had a Maine Lobster roll at Tubby’s? Delish!

SE: San Francisco is known for its food; what dish or restaurant do you most often find yourself “craving”?

AB: I love everything about the SF food scene- there is no other city that offers what we have all in the same city. It’s always growing, pushing boundaries and fusing together to reflect the personality of the city. Also, the gourmet food trucks are a fun addition to have around the city. Hands down, I’m addicted to Roy’s – amazing décor, the best happy hour in town and a Misoyaki Butterfish and Chocolate Soufflé to die for!

Angelica’s Digitally Chic brand encapsulates the evolving relationship between fashion and technology. We’ve been to her events and it is a treat to step into a room full of passionate, well-dressed and well-educated women, brimming with creative ideas. We can’t wait until the next event to chat with inspiring and cutting-edge DCers!

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