Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts that Give Back

Thursday, December 5th, 2013 | Inspiration

There is nothing like finding the perfect gifts for the people you love! The only thing better than gifting an item that the recipient absolutely loves is to gift them something that also improves the life of someone else. We love giving gifts that give back! That’s why after stumbling upon the amazing site The Little Market, we couldn’t help but share a few of our favorite items from the company!

Shivani’s Picks:

1. Alpaca Scarf in Tan
These soft scarfs come in beautiful hues of woven alpaca fabric; what a dream to wear!

2. Hand Painted Flower Box
I literally teared up when I saw this box. I bought the same one from a female street merchant when I lived in Delhi, and just seeing it again brings back a flood of memories. It’s perfect to store jewelry or display on your bedside table.

3. Classic Large White Trunk
I can just imagine standing on a train platform with a cute hat on and this gorgeous trunk at my feet. It’s a classic design that will never go out of style.

Jana’s Picks:

1. Block Print Elephant Journal
I’ve always loved to write and something I’ve begun to really cherish during trips is capturing my thoughts and feelings in the moment. Jotting down how I felt and what I saw helps me to relieve wonderful memories in a different way than through photographs. This journal comes with a story all its own, which is a great inspiration!

2. Rose Gold Candle
I love using candles as decor, I get that from my mother; they bring such warmth to a room. Finding unscented candles that look nice is difficult. This would be a great addition to the decor of a holiday table or a nice accent in a kitchen.

3. Alpaca Scarf in Red
This is the perfect travel companion. I tend to wear neutrals and dark colors, so this would be an easy way to bring color to an outfit while also having a functional element for keeping away a light chill.

The Little Market works with artisan groups all over the developing world and makes their unique creations available for purchase. The items are fair trade, so you not only purchase high quality beautiful pieces, you also help combat poverty. Double win in our book!

Love & Travel,
The Escape Artists

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  1. Shivani, I also have a hand-painted floral box I keep my vintage earrings! I bought a few for myself and for my friends as gifts when I attended a wedding in Mumbai. Thanks ladies for the introduction to The Little Market, it is my first time learning about it!

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