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Friday, March 8th, 2013 | Inspiration

Since the early 1900′s, March 8th has been designated as an international celebration of the promotion of rights, equality, safety and success of women. While it is 2013 and Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo! and we’ve had a woman of color hold one of America’s top political offices, we need to support and further the cause of women more than ever.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, countries around the world hold events, some even have made it an official holiday. Over 1,300 events can be searched by country.

Events around the world:

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Both the UCLA and USC college campuses will host groups celebrating IWD. At UCLA, the No More Synthetics organization will host XTREME FOOD MAKEOVER to help women learn to prepare cost-friendly, healthy meals for their families. Across town at USC, Motivating Our Students Through Experience (MOSTE) will tour the campus to give students a feel for what college life is like and help them visual attending a four year university.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The 16th Global Women Leaders Conference, hosted by Datamatrix. Encouraging the creativity, strengths, courage, and humanity of socially responsible women.

Provincetown, MA, USA – 24 hours of Women. This Northeast city hosts a full day of programming for women, including interviews of women from around the world. Hosted by radio station WOMR 92.1, events run from Midnight to Midnight.

Weston, FL, USA – Hosting a free event on the Saturday after IWD, the Latin Women Empowering Latin Women organization is honoring women in service to others. Expect artists, philanthropists, and light refreshments.

Sudan, Africa – Honoring the achievements of female activists through dance, drama, and poetry.

Cincinnati, OH, USA – Celebrate IWD with an open house and art expo at the Women’s Connection in Cincinnati. Preview The Clothesline Project, which aims to shed light on domestic violence against women.

Today, tell a woman who has inspired you, supported you, or helped you, what she means to you!

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