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Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 | Company News, Travel Tips

Everyone loves a good present, and discovering a new “must-have” beauty product can be like your best birthday and Christmas morning, rolled into one!

So to celebrate our first year of business, we want to give YOU the gift of our favorite travel beauty essentials. Things we cannot live without, whether we’re taking a quick weekend roadtrip or jetting off for two weeks of adventure far away.

Should you be our lucky winner, you’ll receive a beautiful beauty bag with lots of goodies, including:

Shivani’s Fave: ELF Makeup Brush Set
“I LOVE this brush set. It just stays in my suitcase and is compact enough to fit anywhere. But miraculously has every brush you could ever want! And for that price, crazy! Seriously beats some of my ‘high-end’ makeup brushes.”

Jana’s Must-Have: Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo
“Since discovering this dry shampoo in a train station in Switzerland, I cannot use anything else. It is the only dry shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky, and the smell is so light and clean. If I could buy it by the case, I would!”

Myriam’s Go-To: Simple Skin Care Cleansing Makeup Wipes
“I love makeup wipes when you are on the go. I love the Simple brand wipes; they are all-natural, remove makeup well, and can be used on eyes without irritation.”

If you’d like to enter our Birthday Bash Giveaway, head over to our Events page for details!

Love & Travel,
The Escape Artists

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