Introducing Our Director of Digital and Social Media!

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 | Company News

Stiletto Escape would like to introduce our newest team member – Myriam Bouaziz!

Director of Digital and Social Media

As Director of Digital and Social Media, Myriam is the driving force behind Stiletto Escape communications. She pulls together visuals, content, and crazy-good ideas to provide you with the best information on travel and style. Myriam is a superstar when it comes to all things communications, having worked for huge operations (ummm hello- California State Assembly and San Francisco Mayor’s Office) and startups (previously Senior Communications Coordinator for The Cultural Connect).

Shivani met Myriam in law school, and after seeing her insanely good dance moves immediately knew they had to be friends; Myriam’s love of travel and trying new things make her a great addition to the Stiletto Escape team. Obviously. Myriam is brilliant, full of ideas, and just a really great woman. We’re SO EXCITED to have her here! If you ever have any questions regarding Stiletto Escape communications, have a tip on a great event going on in your city, or just want to ask when the next food truck festival in your hood is happening, email Or just drop her a note to say hello!

Love & Travel,

The Escape Artists

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