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Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 | Travel Tips

As an avid traveler, I am always looking for the latest apps to make traveling easier. But with the thousands of apps out there to peruse through, it can be hard to spot the must haves currently available. Here are 5 picks of the most innovative and downright useful apps. So when you hit the road, don’t leave home without these picks! I promise you will not regret downloading any of these apps.

1. GateGuru – Unfortunately delays and layovers are a part of traveling, but with the app GateGuru, you are able to navigate any airport with ease. From the best place to eat to the location of the yoga room at SFO, you are able to find what you need with ease to make your not so great situation better.

2. TravelSafe Pro – You never know when an emergency may occur, so be prepared for anything with the app TravelSafe Pro. From local emergency numbers to contact information for the nearest embassy, this app will help you get the help you need in your time of need.

3. AwayFind – Unfortunately, sometimes you have to work while on vacay. AwayFind filters through all of your emails and only notifies you when the important emails have made it to your inbox. It saves you from having to look through hundreds of emails and enjoy as much of your time out of the office or school as possible.

4. JetLag Genie – Jet lag can really take a toll on both your vacation time as well as your recovery time when you return home. To beat jet lag, this app provides you with a sleep plan to get you ready for the time change. That way you arrive ready for your new time zone.

5. Wi-Fi Finder – Find the closest Wi-Fi signal anywhere in the world. Amazing, right!

What are you favorite travel apps?

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