Travel Tips: Avoiding Jet Lag

Thursday, October 24th, 2013 | Travel Tips

My whirlwind adventure to the other side of the world for less than a week was ambitious, if not a little silly. But when faced with the choice of whether to go for that short period of time, or not go at all, obviously I chose to go. I knew that crossing multiple time zones both to start and during my trip was going to be difficult to manage, and the return trip home with barely 24 hours to recover before a big event, would require every trick I had in my jet lag book. Here are some great tips and the things that kept my post-trip blues to a minimum!

Get Adjusted
Jet Lag Rooster

Developed by a psychology professor, this new website helps you get adjusted to your new time zone gradually and is something you can implement before departure.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It!
When I don’t take my melatonin or plug my trip into JetLag Rooster, I may not feel great but I don’t want to LOOK like I have jet lag. Staying hydrated with lots of water and fruit helps to keep my skin from looking sallow.

Airport arrival to dinner in a flash!

After 15 hours on a plane & landing in the desert of Dubai, SKII’s hydrating face masks saved my skin! They contain saccharomycopsis ferment filtrate, which helps cell turnover and leaves a lovely glow. Grabbing a quick disco nap and throwing on one of these on had me ready for dinner & drinks just an hour after arrival. $125 for a package of five.

Natural Remedies
A naturally occurring substance in the body, melatonin supplements can help your body get to sleep when you’re trying to adjust to a new time zone or place, without some of the “hungover feeling” side effects of over-the-counter sleep aids. If you’re arriving at your destination during the evening, pop some of this before bed to help get good rest and get on the timezone. Also, essential oils can be soothing and helpful without grogginess.

Get Movin’!
Especially when I travel internationally, I always try to arrive when it is morning or early afternoon at my destination. Getting out of the airport or hotel for a brisk walk is a great way to sight see and the natural light will help set your body clock. Also, getting that blood pumping will release endorphins, which reminds you “be happy, you’re seeing the world!!” The same works for the return trip home. If it’s daytime, get outside for some natural Vitamin D. I tried to make sure I have a walk buddy lined up to hold me accountable!

What are your jet lag remedies?

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