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Friday, June 14th, 2013 | What's Hot this Weekend

It is that time of year again, time to honor the first man in your life, your wonderful father. Sure you can get him a tie or a watch, but the best gift you can give your old man is your time and a new experience. So let us provide you with the perfect trip inspiration so you can take your dad on the vacation of a lifetime.

The ruins of St. Andrews Castle, Scotland: Photo Credit: Photos.com/Jupiterimages

For the golfer: So your dad likes to spend his free time playing a round of 18 on a Saturday? Make his year by making a long weekend of it! St. Andrews Links golf course in Scotland is a golfers dream. He gets to play the oldest golf course in the world and after a day on the green you can explore the quaint town to hopefully catch a glimpse of Prince William & Kate! There’s also tons of shopping, cute cafes and the castle is beautiful. This trip may be centered around golf but there is so much more to do. You will def. have a great time with your dad even if golf is more his thing than yours.

Colonial Williamsburg

For the history buff: Now your dad may not participate in historical reenactments but he does watch a lot of the History channel and loves to read historical fiction. If this describes your dad perfectly, the place to take him is to Williamsburg, no not the hipster heaven hood in NYC, but the colonial town in Virginia. Your dad can walk the same steps our Founding Fathers did so long ago in a town dubbed by many as Disneyland for adults. With reenactments available for you to observe, this will literally make history come alive before your eyes.

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company

For the man who loves beer: With more breweries per capita than any other city in the US, Portland is a beer lovers dream. The large concentration has led to some unique beverage choices like the Porcine ‘Pocalypse is a pork-infused pale ale with notes of roasted almond and beeswax. Portlandbeer.org has a list of all the breweries in the area and allows you to create your own brewery crawl, score! Use this site to help create a tasting itinerary, your dad will thank you for it.

Head to Rio for the Olympics in 2016

For the sports enthusiast: Does it seem like ESPN is always on his television? And of course he can never miss a second of the game which means you have to listen to it when riding in the car with him. Want to really impress your father this year? Then start planning a trip to Brazil. You can take your dad to either the World Cup next year or the summer Olympics in 2016. There is nothing like seeing a sporting event live. The energy of the crowd, being able to represent your favorite team in proper attire, and no commercial breaks to sit through. So even if your are not the biggest sports fan, seeing the look on your dad’s face as he watches a live soccer game or an Olympic basketball game will make attending all that more enjoyable for you.

El Yunque Waterfall

For the outdoorsey type: Your dad bikes, runs, hikes and is always up for an adventure. His idea of the perfect family vacation is hiking in Yellowstone or ziplning in Costa Rica. That makes a trip to Puerto Rico a perfect international getaway for your active father. Now I know what you are thinking, what more is there to do but lay out at the beach? The answer, plenty. Spend a day hiking through the El Yunque rainforest another kiteboarding in the ocean, and yet another taking a bike tour of San Juan. Not enough options for you? You can also night kayak in Mosquito Bay, hand glide over the rainforest, or zip line with Toro Verde Adventures. Spend downtime exploring old San Juan, you will not be disappointed you did.

Need help planning a vacation? Never hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you plan a trip you and your dad will never forget.

Happy Father’s Day!

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One Response to “What’s Hot this Weekend: Father’s Day”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Wow, I was going to buy my dad a coffee mug (as always) but forget that! I’m inspired. My dad is obsessed with the History channel and the American colonial period but we have yet to visit New England! It’s so hard to choose!

    Then there is Portland which is only a father-daughter bonding road trip away. I can just imagine sipping on Portland’s wide variety of microbrews and ales…Mmm. My dad is the average joe type (retired cop) and the donut-loving police officer sterotype couldn’t be more accurate in my dad’s case. So while we are in Portland, we will have to stop by VooDoo donuts to have a delicious bacon maple bar!

    Thanks for the tips Stiletto Escape! :)

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