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Friday, April 5th, 2013 | What's Hot this Weekend

This weekend you can catch the Final Four, a hockey game, the NBA, or a baseball game. Whatever sport you are into, you need a great sports bar to catch the action. Here are our picks for the best place catch the game (or catch the eye of a fellow team loving hottie)!

Kirkwood Patrons

Kirkwood Bar & Grill, in Chicago is frequented by college guys and recent grads, has great food and beer options, and an amazing outdoor patio. The vibe is laid back and is definitely a great place to watch the game or do some guy watching, which ever you may be into.

Game On! in Boston is the best of both worlds. For the true fan, the first floor is a classic sports bar and the second floor has the feel of an upscale restaurant. Game On! is large, so being overcrowded is never an issue, a huge plus for busy sports-filled weekends!

City Tavern, LA

LA’s City Tavern is a beer lovin gal’s heaven. No need to wait at the bar for a beer here, a beer tap is built into each table top with three beverage options constantly available. The establishment is also quite upscale, so make sure to wear your stilettos and skinny jeans with that Lakers T.

Miller’s Ale House in Orlando is for the ladies who want to enjoy a meal while watching the game. With options like Shrimp Scampi and Lobster, I am willing to put in a couple extra runs to make up for indulging. The bar also has a night dedicated to the Ladies and serves over 20 different wines. Wine, seafood, and a Ladies night? My kind of sports bar.

Here’s to day-drinking, friends, and good games!

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