What’s Hot This Weekend: Holiday Parties Galore!

Friday, December 13th, 2013 | What's Hot this Weekend

Don’t let Friday the 13th keep you indoors this weekend! Put on your holiday best, break out that emergency credit card, and get ready to spread a little holiday cheer!

San Diego: You’ve been coveting that classic Chanel flap bag since your mom was still writing you doctor’s notes to get out biology class: it’s time to take the plunge! Join the Designer Vault this weekend and let your splurge do some extra good; proceeds go to Promises2Kids.

Miami: So Santa isn’t your thing and candy canes make your teeth hurt, not a problem! Head over to the Full Moon Beach party at Morada Bay. Sip a specialty cocktail, catch the gorgeous winter sunset, and enjoy the lively entertainment as you party the night away on the beach!

London: If you were envious of the masked encounters & live theatre in Gossip Girl’s episode set at NYC’s Sleep No More, then this Christmas party is right up your alley. While you probably won’t mistake the guy standing next you for Chase Crawford, you can “find your way through a forest of xmas jumpers, expect an epiphany in a pound shop, discover the true meaning of advent in a strange dream-like cleansing encounter…” and much more at Lemonade & Laughing Gas do Christmas, with a bit of food & drink to cap it off!

If you don’t have big holiday plans this weekend, use the time to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a bit! This is the perfect time of year to whip up some hot toddies and a batch of cookies to share!

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