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Monday, May 13th, 2013 | World of Style

Street Style- Barcelona, Spain

Photo by: Nicolasa, The Fashion Spot

So I tried to take my own “street style” photos while in Barcelona…Fail. I ended up getting creepy shots of the backs of women as they walked down the street because I refused to put down the jamon sandwich and ask them to actually stop and let me take a picture. (Priorities?) However, I came upon this picture and think it symbolizes Barcelona fashion perfectly. Effortless, minimal, but beautiful. The women in Barcelona don’t try too hard, don’t wear too much make up and don’t show too much skin. They mix and match colors, textures, and sillohuettes beautifully- in what appears to be a thoughtless way- but it works perfectly.

Let’s care less about the perfect outfit, and dress more to our mood and how the clothes make us feel when we put them on….

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The Escape Artists

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